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Vanilla Honey Cream Ale
ABV: 5.5% - IBU:16

We took a delicious light bodied cream ale and added real honey, honey malt, and vanilla to deliver a wonderfully aromatic and refreshing beer.


Pineapple Cherry Sour
ABV: 5% - IBU:9

We took our tart and refreshing Berliner Weisse and infused it with cherry and pineapple to deliver a delicious fruity sour ale.


Pumpkin Brown Ale
ABV: 5.6% - IBU:22

We took a light-bodied brown ale with hints of chocolate and infused it with real pumpkin, a blend of spices, vanilla, and lactose.


ABV: 5.7% - IBU:20

Our Oktoberfest lager is a rich and malty reddish-copper colored German Marzenbier. It is full bodied with notes of biscuit, toast, and bread. A slight nuttiness and hints of carmel round out the malt profile to make this beer balanced and delicious.

Woody's Waz

Raspberry Wheat
ABV: 5.1% - IBU:23

A light and refreshing American style wheat beer. Showcasing a blend of Japanese and new Zealand hops and infused with the bold flavor of raspberry.


Lager - American
ABV: 4.3% - IBU:12

Damn, I’ll take another -- This is our lightest beer. A pale, refreshing, highly attenuated lager made from pilsner malts and fermented with a classic German yeast. It has a delicate malty flavor with very low bitterness. A perfect pairing with a par round of golf.


British Brown Ale
ABV: 5% - IBU:23

Makes you want to rut -- A dark brown British style ale with mild fruity esters from the Kveik yeast strain. Hints of toast, biscuit, and chocolate support the caramel sweet malt body. The English hops produce an earthy and floral aroma. Made with 2-row, Maris Otter, chocolate, and caramel malts, and Fuggle hops.

Dark Lite

Lager - Munich Dunkel
ABV: 4.6% - IBU:26

This Little Lite of Mine -- An easy drinking amber colored malty international style lager. This beer has a bready, toasty, nutty and grainy malt flavor with little caramel sweetness. Presents soft spice and floral aroma from German hops. Made with Munich and Carafa III malts and Perle hops.

Dreaming Cow

Milk Stout
ABV: 4.6% - IBU:29

Mooove over Elsie -- A very dark brown ale with full body and creamy mouthfeel. The residual sweetness from lactose sugar balances the roasted malt character. Notes of milk chocolate, coffee, and caramel round out the flavor. Mild fruity/spicy aroma from English hops. Made from 2-row, Carmel, chocolate, chocolate rye, roasted barley and black malts and East Kent Goldings hops.


Blonde Ale
ABV: 5.8% - IBU:19

Nothing Fake About it -- Easy drinking and approachable. This ale balances a soft malt sweetness with light citrus aroma. Made from 2-row and caramel malts and cascade hops.


ABV: 5.35% - IBU:21

An Einstein Family Tradition -- A lightly hazy, clean, and refreshing American style wheat beer with a light bready and doughy malt character. A unique blend of Japanese and New Zealand hops gives a nice citrus, lime and dill character. Made from 2-row and wheat malts, and Sorachi Ace and Moteuka hops.


Coffee Blonde
ABV: 5.8% - IBU:19

Lay back & sip to the beat -- We infused our blonde ale with a Guatemalan roast coffee from our neighbors at Luckmans coffee. Huehuetenango is a sweet and fruity coffee that gives a pronounced coffee flavor without any heavy roast that pairs well with this light beer.


ABV: 6.17% - IBU:70

In Search of Liquid Gold -- A deep gold colored hop forward ale with light malty and spicy backbone. Prominent Stone fruit, tropical fruit, citrus, grapefruit and pine aromas from a variety of hops. Made from 2-row, rye, victory, and caramel malts and Simcoe, Centennial, Citra, and El dorado hops.


New England IPA
ABV: 6.6% - IBU:20

A Whale of an IPA -- A light-colored Hazy hop forward ale with low bitterness. Intense stone fruit, tropical fruit and citrus hop aroma derived from late addition hops and dry hopping. Hop aroma complimented with lots of fruity esters from the chosen yeast strain. Made from 2-row, wheat, and cara-pils malts, and Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Citra hops.


New England IPA
ABV: 8.6% - IBU:20

Hoist 3 and Sail Away -- A Pale yellow intensely hopped ale with moderately high alcohol. Bursting with tropical, citrusy, earthy, floral, and piney hop aromas. Made with 2-row and aromatic malts, and cascade and Idaho 7 hops.


Belgian Witbier
ABV: 4.5% - IBU:16

Biere Blanche of the Walloons -- A light, crisp and refreshing ale made from pilsner and wheat malts. Coriander and orange peel give pleasant notes of lemon and citrus while the chosen yeast strain imparts light spicy phenols and fruity esters to this great Belgian brew.