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Our “Response-Able” Corona Crisis Game Plan

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Dear Customers:

We are reopening Big Ash Brewing today (June 2nd) and every day except Monday from 4 to 9pm. Please join us to enjoy the great weather and the incredibly safe and healthy environment at the Big Ash.

As announced on Weds May 27, one of our employees test positive for Covid-19.  We went way beyond what was required of us by the authorities, ceasing operations that day, informing the general public of the closure and emailing all customers who were at the Big Ash on Friday May 22 & Saturday May 23 to let them know they may have been exposed to the virus.   We have required all 32 staff members to get tested, all 25 test results returned so far have been negative.  All employees must have a negative test result before returning to work.

What this tells us, is that the measures we were taking to protect our staff and our customers have worked. Wearing masks, gloves, taking staff temperatures before starting shifts, placing tables 12’ apart, constant disinfecting, cleaning and sanitizing every touchpoint. Implementation of our no-cash, no-contact ordering system and no-contact curbside carry-out, home delivery & mobile growler stop and opening up our Parking Lot Beer Garden, limiting gathering in the building, the addition of portable hand-wash sinks and portable toilets, and taking the health precautions that are always required of a brewery and food service operation. 

When we were forced to close on March 15th , we enrolled our entire organization in Next Direct Primary Care, to provide telemedicine, remote diagnostics and antibody & Covid-19 testing. That allowed us to get our employees tested in record time and track test results. 

There is so much (mis)information, so many (de)regulations, which are (in)consistent and in constant change. The CDC, Governor DeWine, State Medical Director Dr. Acton, local authorities, the Ohio Department of Liquor Control, Ohio Restaurant Association, Ohio Craft Brewers Association, the Hamilton County Health Department, and Next Direct Primary Care, have all worked tirelessly to make decisions, provide information and guide us through this crisis and we are very appreciative of their work. We are learning, all together now, there is no one right answer or rule that fits every city and every individual. We need to apply some common sense, in a situation which is not at all common. We will continue to monitor information from these sources and revise as we determine necessary.

We need to be “response-able”, to stay in business and keep the doors open in order to be able to respond to this crisis, protect our partners investment and provide jobs for our 32 employees. At the same time, we will continue to assume that everyone is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus and need to provide the safest and most healthy environment for our customers and employees. To that end we are implementing these additional measures to become even more “response-able”. Managing risk, instead of living in fear and paranoia and taking the most practical and cost-effective measures that we can to tackling this crisis head-on.

Cohort Management – Our staff will work in teams, if one employee has a temperature and Covid-19 symptoms, we will bench and test the entire team until results are back. This will enable us to continue operating safely with the other teams, even prior to getting test results back, which are currently taking 2-4 days.

Contact Tracing – Our No-Cash, No-Contact ordering system, allows us to capture the email address of whoever makes a purchase at the Big Ash and know when they were there. If a positive test result is returned, we will notify via email, all customers who were at the Brewery at that time.

While allowing access to restrooms, we will continue to limit public seating in the building, opting instead to expand our Parking Lot Beer Garden to provide even more outside seating.

Moving our Big Ash Live Entertainment to an outdoor stage & moving our giant projection screen to the exterior wall to provide late night movies in the Beer Garden.

We need to get back to having a life and having some fun. We appreciate the trust and confidence our employees and customers have placed in our operations and welcome everyone back to Big Ash Brewing to enjoy the best beer, pizza and entertainment this side of the Little Miami!

May God Bless you all and keep you all healthy,

Dave Emery

Managing Partner

Big Ash Brewing