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Partners & Friends of Big Woody,

Big Ash Brewing would not exist without the awesome community support that we have received, so giving back to the community is at the top of our priorities. We are now soliciting nominations for the nonprofit organizations that Big Ash Brewing will support over the next year.


Each month, Big Ash Brewing (BAB) will raise money and awareness for a different Nonprofit Partner (NP) that best matches these criteria:

  • They are local, or a strong, independent, local chapter of a larger organization. The closer to the Eastside the better.
  • Serving a critical need in the community (e.g., mental health, addiction, poverty, hunger, education, environment).
  • Not a religious or political organization. Culture, animals and niche interests are less likely candidates.
  • Delivers a tangible financial impact and awareness for both the NP and BAB.
  • The NP has a personal connection with a Big Ash Partner.

Nominations will be gathered during the month of June, and all the NP nominees will be announced the first week of July. The first year’s round will be announced later in the summer.

The NPs will receive the following benefits from BAB:

  • At check-out, customers will be prompted to make a contribution to that month’s NP. BAB will match customer contributions up to 5% of their beer tab during all business hours for the entire month.
  • The NP will have a beer hall / town hall presentation of their mission to the Big Ash community to solicit donations and volunteers.
  • NP use of the Party Room during off-hours for meetings.
  • NP volunteers can staff the Museum / Merch area to share information about their organization.
  • Placement of NP posters / literature in entry / museum / event board in the BAB.
  • BAB will post information and links to the NP website on BAB’s website.
  • Mutual likes and follows on social media.
  • NP supporters will be entitled to beer and merchandise specials.

BAB will benefit from NP supporters (new customers) visiting BAB and the good will of affiliation with NPs that are working so hard to improve the lives of our friends, neighbors and those in need. This creates a virtuous cycle, sending more support back to the NP.

The program guidelines and NP benefits are subject to change without notice. (We’re figuring this out as we go.)

Thank you for your support!