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The Cave


Big Ash Brewing started as a "A Fraternal Craft Brew Co-op" and was founded in 2011 by Dave Emery & 25 of his beer minded buddies. Each member chipped in $200, they bought equipment & started brewing together in Dave's Beer Cave in Anderson Township.

After 8 Years


8 years goes by fast, and after 52 Brew Partners, 22,000 bottle caps over 200 batches of beer experience, Dave's wife Kaoru decided it be a good idea to start a real brewery. Anything to get the co-op moved out of Dave's Cave. The transformation of the old El Rancho Grande on Beechmont commenced.

What a Ride


In the last 8 years we've grown naturally from a basement brewery in the woods run as a hobby to a functioning brewery and tap room with nearly 100 partners. We opened on September 6th, 2019 with friends and family that continue to make the Big Ash Possible. Our brewmaster, Jon Pfeiffer, has made award winning beers like Backbeat Coffee Blonde, Porter's Porter, Vanilla Cream Ale and Symphony Vienna Lager.