Here's how to pour the perfect pint.

1. Check in with a beermeister to the right of the front doors.

2. Swipe your credit card to get an RFID beer card.

3. Grab some hand sanitizer and select a clean glass (2oz sampler, 13oz Belgian, 16oz Pint).

4. Select your beer from the TV screens above the tap wall and find the corresponding tap.

5. Insert and leave card - then pull tap handle fully down - pour as little or as much your glass can hold!

6. Pull Tap handle back up and don't forget your card! Enjoy!

7. You can express checkout by dropping your beer card in the bucket by the front doors of the brewery. A 20% gratuity is added to the bill automatically for express checkout - to leave a manual tip return to the beermeister stand by the front door and checkout the good old fashion way! Accidentally take your card with you? No worries! Just bring it back on your next visit and the card can be used again.

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